Guerrilla Cinema Project

The Guerrilla Cinema project is a bicycle powered portable cinema: the project aims to be carbon neutral and involves young people from the making to the projecting.

Initially and essentially, the Guerrilla Cinema was developed and designed to communicate environmental and social justice issues through film. In the process the audience and participants (because to watch the show you must create the power) learn to think about their impact on the environment critically understand how much

energy is needed to power the things we love in life.

The cinema has many facets and initiatives. Sometimes it visits areas of Edinburgh which are directly affected by a lack of resourses and opportunities, engages in discussion with young people or community groups and together they plan a uniquely designed event for the local community. Other times it teams up with other action groups and partners (in crime) across the city to show social justice films or to show the importance of sustainable energy. And occasionally it just sets off, sets up and shows – in quiet places and unused spaces (eg. tunnels, cycle paths, parks, outside community centres) the Guerrilla Cinema suddenly comes alive.

We are growing and learning in an organic way, it has not been easy and we wouldn’t pretend that it is so. But, more importantly; it is so worth it…

None of this is possible though without the dedication and motivation of a core group of volunteers, artists and technicians. We’re still looking for people to get involved in managing, building, filming, designing, painting, decorating or cycling the cinema itself, so get in touch!


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